2018 Gift & Giving Guide

2018 Gift & Giving Guide

by the She Explores Team

Like last year, we put a lot of thought into our Gift & Giving Guide for the holiday season.

We’ve pulled together a mix of things to buy (sourced from small shops and responsible retailers), gifts to make (tutorial links included!), and ideas for thoughtful ways to give back.

No matter what is pulling us outdoors (or keeping us in) as the snow begins to fall, we hope this season sees us drawing closer with those we love, and feeling gratitude for what we have and what we can offer others to stay warm, well equipped, inspired, and cared for this time of year.

Make, Gift, & Give Back:

GIFT: Things to buy, make, and give to the curious, outdoor-loving women in your life.


GIVE BACK: Since the giving season is time to give something back, too.

  •  Donate used outdoor gear. Look locally, or try:
    1. Organizations like Gear Forward
    2. Local gear exchanges, or hiking or climbing clubs
  • Give your time. You know your community and it’s specific needs. Showing up and offering your time in person is a great way to give.
    1. Invite friends or family to join and volunteer together
    2. MeetUp is one way get plugged in to volunteer groups in (almost) any community


 Editor’s note: Although some of the brands featured have supported our podcast in the past, this holiday gift guide has not been sponsored in any part. All goods represented reflect products and projects we truly love.

What’s on your list this year?


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