Episode 53: Native Connection to the Land – Jaylyn Gough

Episode 53: Native Connection to the Land

Interview with Jaylyn Gough, Founder of Native Women’s Wilderness

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Interview with Jaylyn Gough, Navajo outdoors woman and founder of Native Women’s Wilderness. Jaylyn has found strength and healing in the outdoors. She talks about why she shares her connection with the land with other Native Americans, how non-natives can support her work, and her long term vision for Native Women’s Wilderness.

Our conversation is inextricably linked to trauma, but it is also filled with hope. Jaylyn’s experiences as a child growing up on the Navajo reservation in Gallup, New Mexico, set her on her path. She was adopted at a young age, and it was both due to her adopted mother’s generosity and certain hardships on the reservation that made her want to become a social worker. But as Jaylyn says, her childhood felt rich with the land.

Jaylyn has a deep-seated drive to help people, especially women, overcome suffering. She also wants to see more women of color and native women on the trail and represented in outdoor media. Jaylyn’s passion shines through every moment of this episode – we hope you’ll find as much inspiration as we did in meeting her.

Learn more about  Native Women’s Wilderness on Instagram and Facebook. Their brand new website will be live in the next few days – find it here. See more of Jaylyn’s photography on her portfolio site.


Jaylyn Gough

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Jaylyn and Native Women’s Wilderness

Jaylyn by the Flatirons in her home of Boulder, CO

Jaylyn’s photography

Photo of @erynne.michelle by KL Peruzzo – Featured on Native Women’s Wilderness

Jaylyn in Boulder, CO

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  1. Gail Storey says:

    I was riveted by Jaylynn Gough’s spectacular episode on Native Connection to the Land. You asked great questions, and I’m fascinated and inspired by her perspective on Standing Rock, her upbringing by her wonderful mother, and how to help women who have suffered assault. Also very much appreciated her optimistic encouragement at the end!

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