Stories of Life-Changing Adventures
on the Road and in the Wild


She Explores

She Explores is a collection of first-person stories, photographs, and artwork from women who are inspired by the adventure found in the outdoors and who inspire me.

Almost five years after starting, to hold 200 pages of She Explores in my hands feels a lot like a dream. Within its binding are the first-person stories of 40 women (outdoor advocates, enthusiasts, nomads, transplants, professionals, and creatives) complemented by their photographs and artwork.

The book shares their accomplishments and fears. It highlights mental health, motherhood, conservation, diversity, equity and inclusion, on-the-road travel, creativity… the list goes on.

While each woman has a distinct and personal story, there are also undeniable overlaps. It’s what I love about this work: we get to learn from others and we also get to discover what we have in common.

— Gale Straub, founder and host of She Explores podcast

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Book cover image and photos pictured here by Kae-Lin Wang

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Simone Martin-Newberry, Kae-Lin Wang, Julie Hotz, Teresa Baker, Marinel de Jesus, Katie Boué, Morgan Brown, Noël Russell, Irene Yee, Kathy Karlo, Katy Fetters, Ashleigh Thompson, Ellysa Evans, Cécile Bertrand, Brooke Weeber, Sam Lee, Amanda Zito, Rachel Brookhart, Paris Lee, Agnes Vianzon, Sarah Attar, Amanda Monthei, Summer (Fat Girls Hiking), Mary Ellen Hackett, Ambreen Tariq, Shanti Hodges, Virginie Chabrol, Lee Litumbe, Brooklyn Bell, Crystal Brindle, Marlene Lin, Cait Ward, Madison Perrins, Amanda Sandlin, Anastasia Allison, Rose Freeman, Gretchen Powers and her mom, Lisa Bernadin, Imogene Cancellare, and Kristen Ales.



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