Episode 70: Breaking Ground for Others

Episode 70: Breaking Ground for Others

Camping with the National Parks Conservation Association

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Ever feel like you’re alone in your relationship with the outdoors? Join a group of women who are leading by example in their communities by spending time outside and breaking ground for others to do the same. Amanda Machado shares her experience camping with the National Parks Conservation Association (NPCA) for a special night near Los Angeles.

Because it was rainy, the group huddled until tarps and told stories about how they find healing in the outdoors. And by doing so, they found friendship and the realization that they weren’t going it alone. The event was unique in that the majority of the women are Latina, which added an integral layer to what they had in common. This episode reminds us of the importance of spending time outside with other women and encouraging each other to share.

In this episode, you’ll hear:

– About the purpose of the women’s camping trip with NPCA
– Why the women wanted to attend
– Personal early memories of outdoor experiences
– Why “gear shaming” is a thing (but really shouldn’t be)
– What it’s often like for Latinx to explain their love of the outdoors to their families
– How the outdoors is healing for the women who attended
– The ways in which this healing is unique to Latina women and children of immigrants
– What the women took away from the experience

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Amanda Machado (learn more at brownenvironmentalist.org); Laura Torres, Megan Hernbroth, Amy Wong, Araceli Hernandez, Briget Underwood, Christine Mariano, Grace Rougier, Jenifer Méndez, Jenny  Lopez, Nanci Torres-Poblano, Maricela Rosales, Miyuki Gomez, Rebeca Contreras, and Sally Garcia.

Hosted by Gale Straub 

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Music by WMD

Music is also by Lee Rosevere, Josh Woodward, and Kai Engel via freemusicarchive.org.

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NPCA “Empowher” Campout

The whole crew

Navigation Skills Class. Sally Garcia holding the map.

Araceli Hernandez and a pup

It rained the whole time, which made for great conversations. Here’s Rebeca Contreras.

Jenny Lopez


Links/Resources Mentioned in this Episode:

National Parks Conservation Association: Website

Amanda Machado: Portfolio

Brown Environmentalist

Vox.com article: The Strangeness of Being a Latina Who Loves Hiking


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