Episode 91: Postpartum – Kristina Frost

Episode 91: Postpartum

Interview with Kristina Frost

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Becoming a new mom has changed the way Kristina Frost experiences the outdoors. And she’s realizing, it’s not better or worse – it’s just different. The confluence of a body in healing, a child who needs constant care, and postpartum depression means her life looks little like it did a few years ago.

We talk to Kristina before and after she takes her two-month-old daughter Emma camping for the very first time.

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Featuring: Kristina Frost

Hosted by Gale Straub 

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In this episode, you’ll hear:

– How Kristina compares her first backpacking experiences with being a new mom
– What postpartum depression feels like to Kristina
– The difference between PMDD and postpartum depression
– Why Kristina feels like she’s lost her outdoor community (for now)
– Before and after Kristina’s first camping trip with her 2 month old daughter and husband
– How her body’s changed after pregnancy and birth
– Why Kristina feels like she has an old self and a new self and how the two might be integrated
– Advice for new moms who want to take their infants camping
– Why you don’t have to stick to one kind of camping

Kristina and her family

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  1. townelin says:

    I agree there isn’t enough discussion about how drastically your life will change when you become a mother. Especially when you’re the 1st of your group to get pregnant. This is a commentary on our culture, not Kristina… There’s a 4th trimester often discussed – another 3 months post partum where you’re figuring life out and need to just hunker down and not worry about doing anything other than surviving. American business doesn’t support that very well. Kristina sounds so down hearted, but 2 months is so different than 4 months out, which is so different than 3 years out. It’s not until your kid(s) is 5 or even 8 (or maybe 10 depending on the kid) that life might have some semblance to your “old” life. However, having children is a choice to dispense with life as you ever knew it. Keep keeping on Mamas…it gets so much better!

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