Memories of the Appalachian Trail

Submit your story for an upcoming special episode in collaboration with the Appalachian Trail Conservancy

Trails help us access landscapes both familiar and new, as well as give us the grace and space to explore our interior lives. The Appalachian Trail (A.T.) plays a special role in creating memories we walk through as hikers and nature-lovers. In the first of a 6-part series in collaboration with the Appalachian Trail Conservancy, we’ll explore your memories of the A.T. and the ripple effect of those experiences.

About the series:

This story-forward six-part series in partnership with the Appalachian Trail Conservancy highlights the Appalachian Trail through both the womxn who helped to build it as well as those who continue to make it what it is today. Our goal is to tell a multi-dimensional story of the Trail through a range of voices from diverse backgrounds. Each episode will have a unique theme that helps tell the story of the way we shape the Trail, but more importantly — how the Trail shapes us. 

So, we want to know:

  • What significance does the Appalachian Trail (a special section or a whole thru-hike) have in your life?
  • How has a moment on the A.T. impacted your life off-Trail?
  • What stories have you told your children or younger generations about the A.T.?
  • What stories do you hope to tell from the adventures you are having today? 

Submit a 1- 3 minute (MAX) voice memo based on one or more prompts above or leave a voice mail via 617-917-4721. Full names (if they are requested to be included) will be listed at the end of the episode and linked in the show notes. We may not be able to include all the submissions, but will listen to each and every one!

Submissions close Sunday, August 16, 2020: 8 PM PST 

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Note: By submitting a voice memo or written submission, you’re giving the Ravel Media team and She Explores podcast permission to publish your voice and words in part or entirety. We also may lightly edit your submission for clarity and brevity.

Recording Tips: As tricky as it is to do, try to forget about the fact that you’re recording. Hold your phone/microphone away from your mouth. Talk like you’re telling a story to a friend. Listen back and forgive yourself the sound of your own voice – you’re the only one who feels that way about it.

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