Episode 112: Voices from PGM ONE

Episode 112: Voices from PGM ONE

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What changes about the environmental movement when people of color are both the leaders and the audience? We teamed up with REI to send writer Amanda Machado to the third annual PGM ONE Summit in Philadelphia to answer that question firsthand.

Recorder in hand, Amanda talked to outdoor educators, social entrepreneurs, nonprofit workers, artists, healers, and activists. She shares what was healing for the attendees, why this conference (and others like it) is a necessity for the environmental movement, what they want those who didn’t attend to know, and how we can all learn from the leadership showcased at PGM ONE.

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Featured in this episode: Amanda Machado, Wingyi Kung, Samantha Villatoro, Agnes Vianzon, Natalie Mebane, Anahí Naranjo, Chandrika Francis, Sophie Sarker, Grace Anderson, Mayra, Stormy Saint-Val, Yakuta Poonawalla, and Princella Talley.

Musicians featured from PGM ONE: Femi Olatunji, Dwight Dunston, Rhetta Morgan, Lauren ScottAisha Fukushima, and Mariadela Belle Alvarez.

Featured in the midroll: Myrian Solis Coronel and Jaylyn Gough

Hosted by Amanda Machado

Produced and edited by Amanda Machado and Gale Straub.

Music is by Centric.

Music is also by Lee Rosevere and Kai Engel using CC by A license. 







In this episode, you’ll hear:

  • About the PGM ONE Summit and what makes it unique
  • What is special for attendees about a conference on environmentalism and the outdoors with only people of the global majority
  • How ritual, art, and music added to the experience
  • The importance of de-centering whiteness in the environmental movement
  • How PGM ONE organizers made an effort throughout the conference to be inclusive but also acknowledged how they could do better
  • The unique leadership traits showcased at the summit that would be beneficial throughout the environmental space
  • Why race and racism should be acknowledged more often in nonprofit workplaces and everyday life
  • What attendees want people who weren’t there to know
  • Takeaways from the summit

Resources mentioned in this episode:

Sponsor Websites & Promotions

  • REI: Hear about Force of Nature and what REI is doing to make the outdoors welcoming for all in the midroll ads in the episode.


Some of the voices featured in this episode

Amanda Machado shot for REI by Carina Skrobecki


Samantha Villatoro, who works at Groundwork Colorado

Chandrika Francis, who founded Oshun Swim School

Anahi Naranjo

Agnes Vianzon, founder of Eastern Sierra Conservation Corps

Stormy Saint-Val

Princella Talley

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