Episode 216: Becoming a Mermaid – Irene Marcoux

Interview with Irene Marcoux

When Irene Marcoux was growing up and playing at her local pool, she didn’t dream of becoming a mermaid. She was a mermaid. Those early days of freedom and play were her gateway to a life in the water. And because she’s a big believer in the fact that every BODY can dive – Irene is all about helping others embrace their inner mermaid too.

Irene is a safety focused mermaid with over 30 years of aquatics education experience, a PADI Course Director & PADI Freediving Instructor, a PADI Mermaid Instructor Trainer, a First Aid Instructor & Instructor Trainer, and a Certified lifeguard, National Lifeguard Instructor Trainer & Examiner. She’s also training for the 2024 synchronized swimming world championships.

This is part of a series of interviews with some incredible humans who are featured in Women and Water – a new book from the team behind She Explores. We’re taking the conversation off the page and into their relationship with water today. You’ll hear from swimmers, surfers, paddlers, fishers, and more. 

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Featured in this episode: Irene Marcoux

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Irene Marcoux

Irene doing what she loves – photo by @mattfreediver from @cenotefreediving

Photo by @mattfreediver from @cenotefreediving


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