Episode 217: A Deeper Connection – Mugdha Flores

Interview with Mugdha Flores

Mugdha Flores is proof of where your passion for science and the natural world can take you. From playing in tide pools as a child in Southern India, to mapping the undiscovered corners of the ocean, to surveying salmon as they make their long journey to the Pacific. For Mugdha, all her exploration has resulted in a deeper connection with the environment, and herself.

Mugdha is a marine biologist turned science communicator championing community engagement and finding joy in the outdoors.

This is part of a series of interviews with some incredible humans who are featured in Women and Water – a new book from the team behind She Explores. We’re taking the conversation off the page and into their relationship with water today. You’ll hear from swimmers, surfers, paddlers, fishers, and more. 

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Banner image by James Flores

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Featured in this episode: Mugdha Flores

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Mugdha Flores

Scuba diving near Seattle – Photo by Seattle Dive Tours

Photo by James Flores


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