Episode 74: Solo (But Not Quite Alone)

Episode 74: Solo

(But Not Quite Alone)

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Your stories of spending time solo in the outdoors. Including a bikepacker, a so-called fat hiker, an aspiring astronaut, an extrovert, two med students, and a backcountry paddler, in short – you and me.

It’s been almost 2 years since we last asked you about how you adventure solo in Episode 8 of She Explores, Alone on the Trail. Gale asked for new submissions and she received more than she could squeeze into this episode, which is a great thing! It means you’re getting out there.

Please keep in mind when you listen – there are inherent risks to recreating in the backcountry, whether you’re with a friend or by yourself. It’s always a good idea to take inventory of your limits.

In this episode, you’ll hear:

– How solo time in nature opens up your headspace
– Why the listeners who submitted take time for themselves solo
– How Beth Bradley and Jessie Johnson used solo hiking to help quiet the negative body talk that went on in their heads
– Why getting outside solo isn’t always a choice
– The ways in which you might be physically solo, but not quite alone while you’re out there
– Why an extrovert says it’s ok to find other people to adventure with
– The value of a long thru hike
– How going it solo can be empowering
– Some motivation to take the next step

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– Sunny Stroeer: Website, Instagram, Outside Online Article, Alpinist Article
– Jodi Spangler: Instagram
– Jessie Johnson: Instagram, Portfolio, and Women on the Road Interview
– Beth Bradley: Watch her full story here, Instagram
– Francesca Turauskis: SeizeYourAdventure.com
– Savannah Simmons-Grover: Blog
– Natalie Izzo: Instagram
– Kathi Kamleitner: Blog
– Kristine Turner: Instagram
– Emily Sehloff: Instagram
– Ashley Franklin
– Sian Proctor: Facebook, Kickstarter, and Camino talk
– Julie Hotz: Instagram and Portfolio

Hosted by Gale Straub 

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Women Featured

Savannah Simmons-Grover

Dr Sian Proctor (on the Camino de Santiago)

Francesca Turauskis, photo by Nil Hoppenot

Jodi Spangler

Beth Bradley, photo by Erin Masich

Jessie Johnson, self portrait

Kathi Kamleitner on the West Island Way in Scotland

Julie Hotz, photo by Bonnie Burke

Natalie Izzo, photo snapped by a tourist at the park

Emily Sehloff on her solo canoe trip last October

Kristine Turner on a Colorado trip

Sunny Stroeer


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