Going Solo in the Outdoors

Submit Your Story for Next Week’s She Explores Podcast Episode!

Almost two years ago, we created an episode called “Alone on the Trail” that was all about exploring the benefits of going solo while hiking, backpacking, and camping. It feels like time for a take 2, but this time we want to include different types of outdoor activities and what you gain (or lose) by getting out there solo.

We want to hear your story for our next episode of She Explores! Submit a 3 minute voice memo below or leave a voice mail via 617-917-4721.

We want to leave this fairly open-ended, but here are some prompts to get you started:

  1. What are the circumstances that lead you to try an outdoor activity solo?
    1. What was it like the first time?
    2. If you’ve never, but would like to, what’s stopping you?
  2. What life changes or circumstance have lead to your no longer doing solo outdoor activities? Do you miss them?
  3. What are the positives of alone time in the outdoors for you? What are the negatives?
    1. Why might it be more complex than that?
  4. Share any advice you have for other women who would like to do their favorite outdoor activities by themselves.
  5. Share a story of an impactful moment spent solo in the outdoors.

Submissions close Saturday July 7 at 11:59PM EST.


Recording Tips: As tricky as it is to do, try to forget about the recorder. Talk like you’re telling a story to a friend. Listen back and forgive yourself the sound of your own voice – you’re the only one who feels that way about it <3

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