The Roamans

Marisa and Vanessa found themselves trying to live a “conventional” life only to discover they weren’t happy. They spent more time commuting and working than with each other. After brainstorming what sort of life they wanted to live, the two decided to simplify. They packed their lives into an RV and hit the road. Living whimsically and taking each day as it comes has become this couples’ new normal.

In the interview below, we get a look into life on the road though “The Roamans” lens.

Meet Marisa And Vanessa

How did your trip come to be?

You can’t fit a square peg in a round hole, as they say. Attempting to nourish our very unconventional selves while living in a highly conventional environment was going entirely and painfully against the grain. Working careers that weren’t fulfilling, spending more time apart than together, just being stagnant. We spent months soul searching, discussing what would truly make us happy. The end conclusion was a more nomadic existence—new experiences, constant growth, and inspired challenges.


What is you vehicle of choice and why did you choose it?

We chose a 2007 24-foot Itasca Navion, which we aptly dubbed Maude. Choosing the right RV was a somewhat painstaking process, because our criteria was very specific. We knew we wanted something with a sleek design, the comfort of having a home and vehicle in one, plus the durability of a diesel engine. Our wishlist also included a more modern interior, something that only needed a face-lift rather than a dedicated renovation.


Marisa, how did you meet Vanessa?

We met at Stonewall Pride in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. I was living in Miami at the time and went with a friend who needed a night out. I almost didn’t go, but as fate allowed, it was a crucial moment in my life. As silly as it sounds, I spotted Vanessa across the room and was utterly transfixed. It was one of those movie moments, and I turned to my friend and said, “that one. That’s the girl”. Two years later, I still couldn’t agree more.

Sharing such a small space must take work, especially when also shared with two four legged companions! Vanessa, what about your dynamic makes living in an RV together work?


Despite each party identifying as strongly independent, both Marisa and I are deeply invested in nurturing quality time as a couple. She is my favorite person and vise versa. Our differences fuel growth, our similarities enrich our bond, and adventure feeds our soul. Make no mistake, life on the road isn’t always equivalent to waking up on the right side of the bed, but it does provide the time and awareness needed to maintain a strong and lasting relationship.

What have you two learned about each other that you might not have before this adventure?

I’m not sure that we learned anything new to be honest. Our first apartment was a studio in Fort Lauderdale that we shared with three cats, two dogs and three rabbits. So, we were intimately acquainted in such a small space rather quickly.  Our ability to adapt actually made the transition to RV living much easier.

What’s your preferred camping location? Stealth, National Forest, campsites, etc.

We like to disconnect more often than not, so stealth is always preferable. However, we find inspiration and solace in National Parks, mainly for their beauty, seclusion, and simplicity.


What’s the first thing you do when you arrive to a new city?

Look for the best Indian restaurant. Haha, just joking… kind of. We like to find the off-beat, quirky, charming areas of a new city, that may be under the radar, and start there. It’s those unusually wonderful places that speak to both our soul and curiosity.


Take a photo of your five must have items for road travel.

Items include:

Coffee Press.
Cell phones.
Mexican blanket.
Stack of Books.
Vegan/Vegetarian road snacks.

What has been the most memorable place you’ve visited?

Austin, Texas. We were only supposed to stay there for two weeks, and ended up staying for a month and a half. We loved everything about the city: the unusual street art, the Airstream food vendors, the cult-classic cinema, and the ever-present flow of creativity.

Where will you be in one month?

Destination unknown. We prefer it that way. There are a few ideas presently being tossed around, likely the West Coast, but part of what makes this lifestyle so wonderful is not being limited to any one location for any allotted amount of time. We quite literally go with the flow.


Photos (C) The Roamans