Episode 58: Are You Allowed to Change Your Dream?

Episode 58: Are You Allowed to Change Your Dream?

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We often live with timelines in our minds. We’re really good at building a narrative for ourselves: “by this age, I want to do have accomplished______.” Maybe it’s a list of mountains to climb, or debt to repay, or a family to grow – we all tuck dreams in the back of our minds. And yet the older we get, the more we realize that life gets in the way. Many of us end up looking in the mirror and asking the scariest of questions: Am I allowed to change my dream? And other questions run parallel: How stuck is too stuck in my ways? What if I’m working towards something but I’ve lost sight of why? What if I can’t articulate what I want? How fortunate am I to ask these questions in the first place?

This special episode in partnership with Subaru gathered 12 adventurous and creative women in the high desert of Marfa to contemplate these questions and to consider how the outdoors plays a role in helping us to navigate crossroads in our lives.



Jules Davies, Shelma Jun, Kaylé Barnes, Kristen Blanton, Sarah Uhl, Sara Close, Nic Annette Miller, Sarah Menzies, Anna Brones, Laura Hughes, and Gale Straub. Other women in Marfa include runner Sarah Attar, photographer Sarah Forrest, farmer Andrea Bemis, and fabricator Kelly DeWitt. You can find portfolios and social handles for all the women involved, after the photos.

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Music is by Lee Rosevere, Kai Engel, and Swelling via freemusicarchive.org.

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Music also “Force of Nature” by Our Many Stars.

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Video by Sarah Menzies of Let Media

Links/Resources Mentioned in this Episode:

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Shelma Jun: Flash Foxy, Women’s Climbing Festival, Never Not Collective

Kaylé Barnes: The Great Outchea Instagram & blog

Kristen Blanton: Hello America Instagramwebsite

Sara Close: Hello Soul

Sarah Uhl: PortfolioInstagram

Nic Annette Miller: Portfolio & Instagram

Sarah Menzies: Let Media & Instagram

Anna Brones: Portfolio & Instagram

Laura Hughes: PortfolioInstagram

Sarah Forrest: Website & Instagram

Sarah Attar: Website & Instagram

Andrea Bemis: Blog & Instagram

Kelly DeWitt: Website & Instagram

Gale Straub: Instagram

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