Desert Camp: Road Trip

Desert Camp

A California Road Trip

by Jules Davies & Chelsea Parrett

We are:

Homies, housemates, and creative collaborators in freelance photography, production, and marketing strategy for outdoor and fashion brands.

We went to the desert to:

Shoot and produce a multi-brand photo campaign.

Go to Desert and Denim, a fashion industry trade show and gathering of friends.

Spend time outside doing what we love.

Sleep under the stars.

These are some lessons we picked up along the way:

Jules Davies Desert

Social Media can be a lifesaver. Posting that you need a campsite and getting hooked up with your internet friends’ parents who live on 7 acres next to the park is a real plus. Thank you for the hospitality @desertron.

Always Wake Up For The Sunrise. You Won’t Regret It.

Chelsea Parrett Jules Davies

Desert Camp Kitchen 101:

Drink lots of water.

Eat all the avocados. (Add hot sauce.)

Hobo dinners on the campfire are best when shared.


Tin foil, Olive oil, Salt & Pepper, Onion, Peppers, Mushrooms, Zucchini, Tapatio Hot Sauce

Mix with spork. Set on fire. Enjoy.

Road Trip Tunes Are Key.

Roll the windows down. Turn the music up.

Listen to our desert playlist here.

Chelsea Parrett Road Trip

Explore More Than Just Outside

For THE BEST vintage finds and overall creative style inspiration visit THE END shop in Yucca Valley, CA.


Go To Noah’s Art Site. Walk Around. Take It In.


I do not wish to be an artist, I only wish that art enables me to be.

— Noah Purifoy, 1963


Surprise & Delight.

Weird Is Good.

We talk a lot about play, and how the real magic in our work happens when we aren’t taking ourselves seriously.

It’s the moments you forget you’re trying that end up being the most captivating.

Desert & Denim

Described as a Renegade Trade Show, this yearly gathering of brands + industry folk is held outside the Mojave Sands Motel in Joshua Tree and feels more like community building than a product show.

At first glance, it may look like the head-to-toe denim, leather goods, bandana wearing mecca of today, but it’s a lot more than that. There are daily workshops, art galleries, and campfire concerts that run till late each night. The special part of this entire experience is the connections you make and the countless semi-drunk conversations that leave you feeling inspired. You walk away with a larger network of friends interested in helping each other, because let’s be honest – nobody is in this work for the money. #initforthepassion

Processed with VSCOcam with e1 preset

There Are Few Things Better Than Campfire Hangs And Meat On A Stick.

The Future Is Female.

Society has taught us (women) a widely accepted story of scarcity. We learn to compete with each other, we see the goal, and we go for it as individuals – “may the best (wo)man win”, right?

As women and friends, we’ve chosen to face this story head on. It would seem logical for us, as creatives with similar skill sets, to go our own way, but more recently (now than ever) we are discovering the power of collaborating. We are falling in love with a new story, one that teaches the acceptance of femininity and team work.

The future is bright.

Photos by Jules Davies & Chelsea Parrett

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