What We’ve Built Together: Special Bonus Episode

What We’ve Built Together – Special Bonus Episode

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How has the She Explores podcast impacted you? That’s what we wanted to know.

So Gale’s team member and host of Women on the Road, Laura Hughes, secretly asked some of you who have been on the show in the past to share just that, and in doing so created a secret bonus episode to celebrate 100 episodes of the She Explores podcast, the She Explores community, and the work Gale has done over the past several years to help cultivate it with such intention, generosity, and care.

We hope that in listening to these familiar voices, you feel some pride and kinship. Because if you’re hearing this, you’ve helped to build it.

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Featured in this episode: Gale Straub, Kit Whistler, Anna Brones, Brigette Meinhold, Julie Hotz, Karen Wang, Mary Ann Thomas, Sarah Attar, Sarah Menzies, Erin Sullivan, and Lora Straub.

Hosted by Laura Hughes in honor of Gale Straub’s hard work

Music is by Kai Engel and Lee Rosevere using CC by A license

Resources mentioned in this episode:

Gale in the outdoors of New Hampshire. Photo by Julie Hotz.

Photo by a friendly tourist in Torres del Paine

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