Episode 78: Sharing Wisdom – Cheryl Strayed & Anna Brones

Episode 78: Sharing Wisdom

Cheryl Strayed & Anna Brones

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Cheryl Strayed never planned on giving advice professionally and doesn’t love a guru, but she agrees with Anna Brones that everyone has wisdom to bestow upon others. The key is to seek as much as you share.

When our friend, the artist and writer Anna Brones offered to chat with Cheryl Strayed at Mountainfilm in Telluride for She Explores, the answer was a resounding yes. Anna is working on an ongoing paper cut series called, Women’s Wisdom Project that has evolved from simple portraits with quotes to full conversations and write ups. This episode is an extension of that concept, and offers us the opportunity to contemplate the wisdom we receive from women in our everyday lives.

In this episode, you’ll hear:

– About the evolution of Anna’s “Women’s Wisdom Project”
– How Cheryl is an “accidental self help writer”
– Why advice giving should be a horizontal exchange vs. a top down one
– The importance of seeking out wisdom in those close to you
– The influence Cheryl’s mom had on her life, in particular as it relates to seeking out beauty in the every day
– Why kindness and vulnerability are often underrated in our culture
– Why Anna believes the most revolutionary wisdom is often the most basic
– How Cheryl sometimes feel like she doesn’t ‘look like’ the type of person to write Wild
– That Cheryl is both a 49-year-old mom, but also an avid wilderness athlete
– Why Cheryl is excited to get older
– How to feel better about saying “no”
– The role fear plays in stepping outside and creating art
– The overlaps we all have with the wisdom Cheryl shares
– How through her writing, Cheryl has told the truth about real life (whether venturing into the wilderness, grieving, or setting your life back on course) and made people feel less alone

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Featuring: Cheryl Strayed & Anna Brones

Hosted by Gale Straub 

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Cheryl Strayed & Anna Brones

Cheryl Strayed Papercut by Anna Brones for Women’s Wisdom Project

Cheryl Strayed and Anna Brones

Cheryl (L) and Anna at Mountainfilm in Telluride

Anna’s Women’s Wisdom Project

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