Episode 143: Creativity to Guide Us Through – Anna Brones

Episode 143: Creativity to Guide Us Through

Interview with Anna Brones

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For Anna Brones, the point of creating is rarely the end result – it’s all about the satisfying act of doing. While a lot of us are missing the time we normally spend outside, Anna reassures us that there’s inspiration to be found with the materials we have on hand.

In this episode, we talk with Anna about the Creative Fuel Challenge she started for anyone who wants to join in and Women’s Wisdom Project. The latter is the culmination of two years of work and celebrates the wisdom of inspirational women through beautiful, deceptively simple papercut portraits. These women are environmentalists, artists, writers, advocates, and more.

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Featured in this episode: Anna Brones

Hosted by Gale Straub

Music in this episode is by Meydan, Josh Woodward, and Kai Engel using a Creative Commons attribution license.


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Anna in Her Element

Anna plein air painting while backpacking. Photo by Karen Wang.

“Creative Fuel” Papercut

Anna with her Women’s Wisdom Project: 100 Papercuts

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