Episode 142: Owning Her Body on the Trail – Beth Bradley at No Man’s Land Film Festival

Episode 142: Owning Her Body on the Trail

Interview with Beth Bradley at No Man’s Land Film Festival

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Beth Bradley can confidently say that hiking changed her life. Call it her hobby, her love, her self-care. Doing the 52 Hike Challenge has changed the voice in her head from one that says “I’m too fat” to one that believes, without a doubt, that we need to change who we think of when we think of a hiker.

We interviewed Beth live at No Man’s Land Film Festival on March 8th. PLUS Gale checked in with Beth this past Monday over the phone because a lot has changed in the world since they met up in Denver.

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Featured in this episode: Beth Bradley

Hosted by Gale Straub

Music in this episode is Lee Rosevere, Josh Woodward, and Kai Engel using a Creative Commons attribution license.


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A Few of Beth’s Past Hikes

Beth at Red Rocks in Colorado

Beth at Dead Horse Point in Utah

Beth in Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado


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  1. Aidan says:

    Listened today to Beth on the Moth – GREAT – impressed by her determination to be taken as an equal to other hikers and the pleasure she gains from getting there – to the top or not, the journey is what counts!

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