Episode 144: Our Outdoor Memories

Episode 144: Our Outdoor Memories

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The memories of outdoor adventures are precious and nourishing. They connect us to our friends and certain versions of ourselves. They’re our happy places. And they give us the fortitude to push through hard times. This is a compilation of listener outdoor memories that feel especially salient today.

There’s a palpable sense of longing in the air, so we created an  episode that provides space for that longing — and the potential for celebration for the moments we’ve lived outside, too.

Banner image by Gretchen Powers.

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Featured in this episode: Becky Marcelliano, Fran Turauskis, Genevieve, Madi Salvati, Mary Straub, Gretchen Powers, Amber Brusak, Iz La Motte, Nikki Smith, Andrea Di Maio, Jasmine Jones, Erin Espinosa, Lindsay, Paola Lopez, Annelise Del Rio, Julie Hotz, Sharlene, and Somang Lee.

Hosted by Gale Straub

Music in this episode is by Meydan, Josh Woodward, Lee Rosevere and Kai Engel using a Creative Commons attribution license.


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Your Outdoor Memories

Sharlene at top of Half Dome

Gretchen, her mom, and sister

Julie Hotz at start of PCT


Art created by Somang Lee

Madi Salvati

Jasmine Jones

Becky Marcelliano

Erin Espinosas


Fran Turaskis

Annelise Del Rio

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