Episode 30 – Saving Her Backyard

Episode 30: Saving Her Backyard

Interview with Bridgette Meinhold

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Photo in banner image by JP Gendron

UPDATE: Bonanza Flats has been saved! Park City leaders confirm plans to purchase Bonanza Flats.

 A note from Bridgette: “Bonanza Flats will be saved! I am beyond thrilled and so very grateful. Thank you to everyone who helped out along the way – from donations, to spreading the word, buying my art and shirts, contacting officials, and raising your own funds. We did it!!!”

Bridgette Meinhold is selling landscape artwork to help save her backyard: Bonanza Flats, 1,350 acres of alpine meadows near Park City, Utah. Bridgette, fellow residents and nonprofits have until June 15th to close a $15M gap to help the town secure the land and conserve it.

Bridgette’s passion for Bonanza Flats comes at a time when public land in the United States is at risk. Currently, twenty-two National Monuments are under review by our Secretary of the Interior. These lands are over 100,000 acres – 10x the size of Bonanza Flats – yet when Bridgette approached us with her city’s fundraising effort, it crystallized a reality: work is being done at a local level to protect land. There’s a lot we can do on the ground to make a difference when we’re feeling frustrated by headlines.

Listen to Bridgette’s story and get inspired to take a look in your own backyard.

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Save Bonanza Flats

Purchase Prival Tee Shirt designed by Bridgette

Resources from the Episode

Utah Open Lands

Land Trust Alliance

2015 National Land Trust Census Report


Bridgette’s Cabin with “Under Their Protection” Painting

Photo of Bridgette Meinhold by JP Gendron

Bonanza Flats by JP Gendron

Are there any land trusts or conservation easements near you?

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