Episode 100: Injured & Indoors

Episode 100 – Injured & Indoors

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What happens when injury sidelines you from your favorite outdoor activities.

First off, you’re not alone. This episode features four nature-loving women whose injuries necessitated surgery and lots of time for rest. We talk about the mental and physical challenges, how they coped, and how it felt when they made it outside again once more.

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Featured in this episode: Hailey Hirst, Erica Aarons, Amanda Gates, and Jaime Purinton

Hosted by Gale Straub

Music is by Josh Woodward and Kai Engel using CC by A license

Ambient Sound recordings by Hailey Hirst

In this episode, you’ll hear:

  • About four women’s injuries and how their recoveries put them on the sidelines of their outdoor lives
  • How the mental challenge of healing is often harder than the physical challenge
  • How the women coped with the isolation, immobility, and separation from the outdoor activities they love
  • What it felt like when they were able to step back outside

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Hailey, Erica, Amanda, and Jaime

Hailey Hirst, on crutches after knee surgery

Jaime Purinton took up yoga in recovery from a traumatic ankle injury

Amanda Gates had two hip surgeries

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