Episode 62: All In

Filmmaker Sarah Menzies

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Banner image by Jenny Nichols

Sarah Menzies is all in. Whether it’s her adventure documentary film career or her relationships, Sarah is fully committed to following through on giving back to others. Sarah’s story is about what she would do for her many loves, and in turn, and what they would do for her.

The filmmaker behind the short pieces, “The Mirnavator” and “A Steelhead Quest,” Sarah’s first full-length documentary film “Afghan Cycles” is debuting at Hot Docs April 29th. Afghan Cycles uses the bicycle to tell a story of women’s rights – human rights – and the struggles faced by Afghan women on a daily basis, from discrimination to abuse, to the oppressive silencing of their voices in all aspects of contemporary society. These women ride despite cultural barriers, despite infrastructure, and despite death threats, embracing the power and freedom that comes with the sport.

With the help of her girlfriend Katilin Bailey, we talk with Sarah about the evolution of her promising career.

Find all of Sarah’s films via her production company, Let Media. Follow along with Afghan Cycles on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.


Sarah Menzies and Kaitlin Bailey

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Sarah and Kaitlin, both featured in the episode
Sarah and Terry Myers on production of “A Steelhead Quest.” Photo by Becca Skinner
Terry fishing. Photo by Sarah Menzies.
Images from Afghan Cycles October 2014 Production. Photo by Jenny Nichols.
Sarah in Afghanistan. Photo by Jenny Nichols.
Images from Afghan Cycles October 2014 Production.
Photo by Jenny Nichols.

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