Lesley Frenz

Lesley Frenz

Abstract Painter

Living in the Pacific Northwest, Lesley finds inspiration for her work from her travel in the area and her time spent in the outdoors. Her paintings impart a feeling from a distant memory over a clear image of a landscape. It’s quite enchanting, the pull we feel when we look at her paintings.

Equal to the dream-like feel of her work, there is an undeniable sense of movement. It’s like looking in the review mirror as the most beautiful places fly by.

Find out more, in Lesley’s words.


Lesley Says:

Soft and atmospheric, my painted surfaces convey the sense of beauty and mystery I find in these wild and untamed places, mirroring the wildness in us all.

Years of travel through the West and Northwest have filled my inspiration cup full to overflowing.  As I walk miles of wilderness trails, I find myself enraptured with the way the fog settles between mountains, how the light finds its way through the tallest of Redwoods.

It is these moments that capture my heart and my imagination and move me to put paint to canvas.  I carry them with me in photographs and memory until I am ready to allow them to spill forth in color.  Through acrylic paintings on canvas and panel, I am seeking to capture the feeling not just of a place, but of a moment.

From that inspirational scene, I begin my composition, building up layer upon layer of acrylic color and transparent glazes, until the surface is transformed into a representation of my experience of that locale and moment in time.



Photos courtesy of Lesley Frenz

Lesley received her Bachelor of Arts from the University of North Florida where she studied Art History and Painting. She is currently painting in Edmonds, Washington. To see more of Lesley’s work see her portfolio or follow along on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram

What landscape does Lesley’s work remind you of?

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