Episode 4: Origin Story

Episode 4: Origin Story

How She Explores Came To Be

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download-19We’ve received a lot of emails lately from women wondering how She Explores came to be. This is partially because people are curious about how they themselves can pursue their passions. It’s also because She-Explores.com has been around for almost two years now. After a while, the beginnings start to fade. It’s good to check in. It’s interesting to mark how far you’ve come. We believe that everyone is moving forward, but why? How?

We decided to ask some contributors of She Explores over the past two years to help color the story.

Here are the women who answered why they said “yes” to sharing their stories, photographs, and artwork on She Explores:


Korrin Bishop, Bee Roper, Elizabeth Kane, Amanda Sandlin, Erin Sullivan, and Madeleine Boga

Body of Episode:

Emily King, Kat Carney, Elizabeth Kane, Tricia Pickren, Ching Fu, Stevie Lewis, Amanda Sandlin, Nikki Frumkin, Erin Sullivan, Vivian Chen, Liz Song, Korrin Bishop, Madeleine Boga (snippet)

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Stellar” by MindsEye
Waves” by MindsEye
The Place Beyond the Clouds” by MindsEye
Everybody’s Got Problems That Aren’t Mine” by Chris Zabriskie

CC by A

Gale's van in Grand Teton National Park

Gale’s van in Grand Teton National Park

All photos above by Gale Straub.

Do you have more questions for Gale? Ask them here!

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