Micro Episode 3a: Listeners Answer the Question – How do the outdoors make you feel?


We compiled listener submitted voice memos that describe how the outdoors make them feel. Some adjectives used include: inspired, energetic, connected, healed, calm… The list goes on.

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This podcast features:
Hallie Rose Taylor, Laura Hughes, Laura Hughes, Lucie Fra, Kathleen Morton, Alyssa Hands, Kristen H, Ryan Scavo, Delicia Long, Addy Polet, Stepfanie Aguilar, Miranda Morehouse, Jackie Currie, Kelsey Suemnicht, and Rachel Spruston

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Alyssa Hands
Stellar” by MindsEye
Sea” and “Out of Light” by Portrayal

CC by SA
Additional sound provided by Kathleen Morton & the film “Being Here.”

Listen to our interview with Hilary Oliver, writer and director of “Being Here”->

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