Episode 3 – “Being Here” How the Outdoors Make Us Feel

Episode 3: “Being Here”

How The Outdoors Make Us Feel

This week’s episode is brought to you by Outdoor Research. Thank you to them for the support!

download-19Interview with adventure writer Hilary Oliver, creator of the short film, “Being Here,” which is all about our relationship with the outdoors. We talk about the changing landscape of adventure film, and incorporate YOUR voice memos answering the question, “How do the outdoors make you feel?

Thank you to Episode 3’s Sponsor: Outdoor Research

Music: “Stellar” by MindsEye
Black Water” by Portrayal

CC by SA
Additional sound provided by Kathleen Morton & the film “Being Here.”

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Watch Hilary Oliver’s “Being Here” below.

How do the outdoors make you feel?

  1. Amy Hale says:

    This podcast is one of my favorites! Do you by chance know if Alyssa has any of her songs recorded?

  2. […] and besides.”  The first episode I listened to aired on July 14 and was entitled, “Being Here.”  The key message I took away from the podcast is that ALL women not only benefit from […]

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