Episode 63: Risk Takers

Episode 63: Risk Takers

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Risk is a relative term, but it always means you have something to lose, and something to gain. What happens when we take risks when we’re spending time outside? How do they pay off and when do they backfire? These are your stories of taking risks in the outdoors.

In this episode, you’ll hear:

– How listener Rebecca went from self-identifying as “not a risk-taker” to going on her first backpacking trip
– How trying something new can help change the expectations you have of yourself
– About the clarity you can find by hiking solo
– The way risks you take in the outdoors can mirror your everyday life
– The challenges of plein air painting
– When not getting a job turns into an opportunity
– Climbing Mount Whitney for sunrise
– Surviving a big storm on your first solo hike
– The importance of differentiating between risk and unneccessary risk

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Mara Johnson-Groh, Rebecca, Karen Wang, Shelby Stanger, Claire Giordano, Becky Jensen, Nikki Frumkin, Sheree Angela Matthews, Hallie Seay, Ashleigh C, Danielle O’Farrell, Megan Bixel, Tori Duhaime & Brooke Weeber.

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Sheree Angela Matthews: Wild Swimming in Wales

Brooke Weeber

Nikki Frumkin painting – Photo by Elise Giordano

Claire Giordano Field Painting

Karen Wang

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