Episode 90: What We Have to Give

Episode 90: What We Have to Give

Conversations at Lodged Out

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What we have (and want) to give to ourselves and to others is often clarified through time outside. At Lodged Out in the Adirondacks of New York, four women share how they spent the weekend through a giving lens.

And as a bonus, we start off the episode by talking with Cassie Abel about “Women-Led Wednesday” – a new initiative to support female-led businesses this holiday season and beyond.

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Featuring: Bobbilee Hartman, Nic Annette Miller, Abby Pond, and Adriana Aldana

Hosted by Gale Straub 

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Music is by Jason Shaw and Kai Engel via freemusicarchive.org using a CC by A license

In this episode, you’ll hear:

– About the origin story of Lodged Out
– How Bobbilee is energized by connecting with people and connecting people with others
– How even though your job isn’t always the right fit, it doesn’t mean you have the wrong profession
– Why Bobbilee decided to make Lodged Out retreats tech free and centered around the outdoors
– How it can be hard to find balance between motherhood, work, entrepreneurship, and giving yourself time
– Why choosing to do something for yourself can be a gift
– Why sharing and teaching art is giving, both towards yourself and others
– How we can learn from a photograph
– Why bias is perpetuated by not listening to other people’s stories
– About Women-Led Wednesday and why it’s important to vote with our dollars

At Lodged Out

On a hike, photo by Claire Lorenzo



Lake George; photo by Gale Straub

Group intros the first night

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