Summer on the Road

Summer On The Road

Words by Nicole Lindstrom, GLDMNE

Photos by Sasha Juliard

When we decided to live in our van this summer, we saw an opportunity to start fresh and live simply. Just us and the open road.


In the midst of working and traveling, we had one week to sell / give away all of our things and pack our entire life into a ’95 Chevy G20. A real practice in letting go, only to find that we still had so much.



Our days were spent in a timeless span of road where life simply is just as it is. We were explorers of new and old, observing never changing, from one stop to the next.



Utah crept under our skin and embedded itself into the crevasses of our bones. We wanted to explore every inch and left reluctant and searching. California calmed our souls and dug deep into the framework of our minds. Abounding beauty, powerful waters, grounding woods; conjuring a deep peace from within. Canada stole our breath away and we haven’t found it since.



Now that our van days have ended and we are back to the world of houses and compact cars, the road still calls, her whispers ever present. She speaks in tongues of freedom and expansion. Not tied to any one thing, she beckons us forth to feel it all, again and again.


Photos (C) 2015 Sasha Juliard

Nicole Lindstrom and her boyfriend Sasha Juliard just wrapped up 2 1/2 months traveling the Western side of the United States and Canada. You can follow their story on Nicole’s instagram and dive into beautiful travel photography on her website,


How do you escape?

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