Bear Treadway

Bear Treadway


Bear Treadway is a 24 year old contemporary adventurer. Originally from Alaska, she grew up in several states across the US. Head over to her website and you’ll find it flush with mountains. The landscape is made all the more substantive for having been climbed and spied by Bear. A rumpled backpack and a staggering overlook, hiking boots swinging – her photography is the welcome byproduct of well-worn days. An appreciation for nature and her place within it self-evident, Bear’s images (and words) linger.

In Bear’s words:

“Introduced to travel and the outdoors at a young age, my desire for the unknown has escalated into what it is today – a constant fire for anything that might scare me, wear me to my core, or enlighten me.  My general photography preference is landscape.  It began during solo travels as a way to express myself artistically while dealing with different situations.  A release of sorts. I choose to live by this line – ‘Shoot only what inspires you.’  Though I never intend to become a professional photographer, it has been a great experience to share my story and adventures through this [medium].”

All photographs (C) Bear Treadway 2014

More of Bear’s work can be found on her websiteinstagram, and tumblr.  Prints of her work may be purchased via Society6.


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