Brooke Weeber

Brooke Weeber


Photo of Brooke Weeber by Cara Denison

Photo by Cara Denison

Brooke Weeber is a capable and inspiring woman of many mediums. She studied oil painting in college, only to take a completely different direction upon graduation. She packed up and moved to New York where she studied Pastry from the French Culinary Institute. What followed was a five year “wildly creative, life consuming, and completely exhausting cake decorating job for high end clients.” To slow it down, she quit the job in New York and moved to Portland, Oregon where she honed her illustrative gifts and worked in a kitchen. After it became self-sustaining, Brooke was able to make her online illustration shop, The Little Canoe, her full-time work. Proof that you rarely end up where you think.

Per Brooke, “It’s been such a dream ending up back in Portland, where I rediscovered my love of the outdoors while simultaneously working my dream job.  I’ve been lucky enough to wind up in a place where I can make my own schedule and run off on adventures at a moment’s notice (which I have a bad habit of doing).”

Brooke now balances her artistic efforts between illustration and photography. Both mediums suit her penchant for the outdoors and discovering new places, but at times provide separate outlets. Her illustrations are whimsical and colorful with a hint of dark humor. Her photographs create a distinct mood – the viewer feels at times a trespasser on a quiet, faded landscape.

Brooke’s illustrations:

All illustrations (C) Brooke Weeber 2014

On her photographic work, “I’ve always loved taking photographs because it allows me to capture, remember and return to the special experiences that I can’t stop and draw.  I don’t have a philosophy for picture taking and I’ve never considered myself a photographer, per se.  But I do know I’m drawn to capturing simple splitting moments that tell a small story and impose a sentimental feeling.

 “As with my illustrative work, it can be lighthearted and bright, dark, mysterious, and sometimes quite comical.  Its intention is to make you feel directly connected in whatever way feels right to you.   I’m not sure what the future holds for Little Canoe.  I’m often conflicted between the two mediums and wonder if I’ll be able to find ways to more clearly integrate photography and illustration.  Only time will tell.”

Brooke’s photography:

All photographs (C) Brooke Weeber 2014

Brooke Weeber lives in Portland, Oregon. More of her work can be found on her websiteinstagram, illustration tumblr and photography tumblr.  Prints of her work may be purchased in her etsy store, The Little Canoe.

Discover Brooke’s Work:


  1. Gina says:

    Hi Brooke!
    My name is Gina Zappia and I work for the Arizona Natural History Association and the Forest Service.
    I LOVE your LNT poster and I would like to talk to you about hopefully selling it to the Forest Service to put up at some of the Kiosks. The only problem is to work around LNT- I just called them and they are way too controlling (and probably litigious), so I thought of a way around them, so let me know if you are interested, thanks!

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