Get Outfitted

Three women from different snowy parts of the country were given the opportunity to test Get Outfitted, a new snow gear rental service for all levels of outdoors women.

The testers:

Karissa Barta – Colorado

Stephanie Baker – Wyoming

Elizabeth Kane – New Hampshire

Sure, winter is coming to a close – but there’s still time for one more run!

Karissa’s Take

Keystone Resort, Colorado

I was fortunate enough to experience the wonders of Get Outfitted this weekend. The gear rental scene is notorious for long lines and expensive rates. Get Outfitted may have just shattered that rep. And I’m stoked about it.

Photo (C) 2015 Karissa Barta
Photo (C) 2015 Karissa Barta

Picture this: You and your friends decide that you’re going to head to the mountains for the weekend. There will be fresh powder, overly priced resort food, ridiculous views and …. no gear. Stress. Immediately you start to shut down the idea of spending a weekend on the slopes because who has the money to spend on a new jacket and pants for one weekend? Not me.

Cue Get Outfitted. This company has changed the game. They allow you to rent everything from your skis, snowboard, boots, base layers, pants, jackets, all the way to the Go-Pro camera that will document every epic moment (and there will be many). All you have to do is choose the package that works best for you and they will deliver it right to your door. Seriously, they will deliver it to any door you want, be it your home or the resort you’re staying at. It’s that easy. They even ask you your preferences on color, so the gear you get looks like something you would actually buy yourself. And the gear is good. They carry high quality brands like Patagonia, Marmot, and Burton. This way, even if it’s your first time on the slopes, you’ll look like a seasoned vet. If you’re worried the technical stuff like boots, boards and skis won’t fit properly, don’t. Get Outfitted will also send a technician straight to your resort with a variety of sizes to make sure everything fits properly and you’re ready to go.

Overall, Get Outfitted is not just a way to rent some gear, it’s a way to have a great time and create lasting memories with the people you enjoy the most. So the next time you and your friends plan a trip to the mountain and find you are in serious need of some good gear, go ahead and get yourself outfitted. Because friends don’t let friends ski in jeans. 

Stephanie’s Take

Grand Targhee, Wyoming

My experience with Get Outfitted left me sad to have to return my gear! Everything was so cute, and fit perfectly. I loved the teal jacket color that the stylist selected for me. I tested a Women’s Premium Complete Outfit which included insulated pants, goggles, insulated gloves, a midlayer and a ski jacket (sans a hood – slight glitch that worked out fine for the warm 40-degree weather up at Grand Targhee while I was skiing). I placed my order on Feb. 24th for a 3-day rental the long weekend of March 6th-8th. My package arrived two days in advance, nicely boxed and with a free goodie bag inside! The snacks, stickers, chapstick and toe warmers that it included were a nice treat. There was also a postage paid return package that made sending everything back the day after easy. I had a lot of fun demoing high-quality gear by Patagonia and Burton that kept me warm, dry and comfortable.

Photo of Stephanie Baker by Powder Day Photography
Photo of Stephanie Baker by Powder Day Photography

Elizabeth’s Take

White Mountains, New Hampshire

downloadThe unbound spirit of exploration with the pampering of a personal shopper:  Get Outfitted is your source. Whether you’re flying to the snow coated high peaks of Colorado or hiking the mountains within driving distance of your doorstep, Get Outfitted can gear you up without the commitment of laying out big bucks to purchase it all yourself.

Renting the clothing and accessories required to adventure in comfort and style can save you valuable time and financial commitment. Get Outfitted makes it super simple for the most novice of trekkers to the discerning advanced backcountry addict. The process was seamless: order your gear, it arrives at your door, use it, love it and ship it back in a provided pre-paid package. The “Start Styling” email that immediately follows your order allows you to choose your color preferences, type of activity, and determine the level of assistance you’d prefer in selecting your items. I decided to keep it loose (no pink, no fur trim)-and let the stylist do the rest.

I aspired to put the process to the test for a varied two-day outing in the White Mountains of New Hampshire. The premium package complete outfit option best fit my performance expectations; I knew I would be facing some of winter’s harshest concoctions.  The box arrived via FedEx a few days later and in opening it I felt the pang of excitement akin to Christmas morning. The box contained a Patagonia jacket, Obermeyer pants, Burton gloves and Smith goggles, along with a goodie bag of stickers and honey stinger treats (bonus!)

Photo (C) 2015 Elizabeth Kane
Photo (C) 2015 Elizabeth Kane