Tiffany Roubert

Tiffany Roubert


Tiffany Roubert is a French photographer who lives in London and travels the world. She recently returned home to London and she shared this photo series called “On The Other Side” with us for a glimpse at life through her lens.

We love the mood her images evoke. The saturation and shadows capture a kind of fleeting that we always feel when we travel. If she were a painter her mediums would be light, wind, and reflection. Tiffany plays heavily with depth, contrasting fore and background, splitting our focus between what is near and what is far. It makes us think of what we hold close to ourselves and what we see more clearly from a distance. We always love the perspective.


Find out more, in Tiffany’s words:

Cracks on the road under the scorching sun. My vision could span for miles ahead without encountering any obstacle. That apparently sterile landscape felt so friendly to me. Like a land of endless opportunity, ready to get caught on camera.

Over the course of my journey, I got to experience the contrasts of nature: the humidity of the jungle in Iguazu cloaking my skin in moisture, the rugged silent beauty of the glaciers of Santa Cruz, the silky texture of sand in Ecuador, and the placid majesty of British Columbia and its lakes.

Taking in all these new subjects, forms and colors always gives me a jolt of enthusiasm and a thrill of eagerness that remind me why I am there and why I do this. It’s about my life passion at its best and liveliest: traveling, exploring, collecting experiences in a digital box of crystalized memories. All that reminds me of a dual-purpose mission on a daily basis: being aligned with the very essence of what I love and who I really am: a photographer, a traveler, and a free spirit.

More from Tiffany, to answer a few of our questions:

What kinds of light and details are you drawn to? What do you love to capture most?

I’m drawn to spontaneous moments. I look for soft and warm light, for intimate moments and special moods.

What is your creative process (especially when traveling)?

When traveling I always have my camera with me, ready to release the shutter whenever the right moment comes up. But I would never forget to live the moment before capturing it with my camera. Before that I often look online for images of places I’m going to, to have an idea of the kind of images I can produce once I got there.

What do you shoot with, and why?

I shoot with a canon 5d MK II and a 50mn lense mostly, a must-have for standard portraits and everyday use. I like to be near my subjects, right in the action. Most of the time in manual or aperture priority mode when the light condition is not too hard.

Your work evokes a specific mood – how does that aesthetic speak to you and your world experience?

I photograph what I love, whether it’s people, place, moments. I need to be happy with the life I am living to create. Recently I moved back to London which is a city full of beautiful creative people and I feel more creative than ever.



Photos courtesy of Tiffany Roubert. See more of Tiffany’s work at and find her on Instagram¬†and Facebook.




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