Episode 46: The Unexpected of the Cave

Episode 46: The Unexpected of the Cave

Oregon Caves National Monument & Preserve

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Feature image above by Korrin Bishop


There’s magic to be found in a small park. Writer Korrin Bishop shares Oregon Caves National Monument and Preserve through the voices of three women: park superintendent Vicki Snitzler, interpretive ranger Kat Gans, and artist Jean Robertson.

For the last summer season, Korrin Bishop balanced her full time job with being an artist-in-residence at Oregon Caves National Monument. In this episode, she gives us an insider’s look at the ~4,500 acre park. We’re drawn to what lies beneath the surface of this small community: a togetherness that results in the protection of a unique landscape and history, as well as the creation of art.

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Reporter Korrin Bishop, interpretive ranger Kat Gans, park superintendent Vicki Snitzler, and artist Jean Robertson.

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Featured in the Episode

Park superindent Vicki Snitzler

Interpretive Ranger Kat Gans; Photo by Alex Stillson


Photo by Korrin Bishop

Artist Jean Robertson at work

Photo inside the cave by Jamie Furlan

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