Tessa Bates

Tessa Bates


Tessa Bates is an artist with a bold black and white style. Her love of the outdoors is inherent in her graphic work – flora and fauna abound. We were drawn to the way her images jump off the page, inviting us to look a little longer at the way she brings shapes together to create a whole.

Tessa, On Art:

“Art was always an important part of my childhood. Some of my first memories are of my mom assigning me the task of tracing penciled lines with a felt tipped pen and I absolutely loved it. And that’s probably where my attention to detail comes from.  There’s something so powerful about being so meticulous that all other pervasive thoughts fall by the wayside. It is very cathartic for me and has helped me through many bouts of anxiety.

“So, that’s neat.

“And nothing would make me happier than someone else being able to get lost in the lines of my art and being able to feel something similar. That’d be very neat.”

(c) 2015 Tessa Bates

Tessa Bates lives in Utah.  You can find more of her work and adventures on her illustration and photography instagrams.



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