Vanajeros Camera Strap

Peartree Leather Co. Vanajeros Camera Strap

Review and Photos by Madison Perrins of Vanajeros

Photo (C) 2015 Madison Perrins

Photo (C) 2015 Madison Perrins

It’s okay to admit it: in the selection of high-tech materials for adventurers (50-year sweat-wicking guarantee this, super gorilla grip capability that), you might be craving something with a little more style.

That’s why I appreciate my leather camera strap from Peartree Leather Co. so much. Call me a hippie, but I love its back-to-basics simplicity fashioned from something a little more organic than polyester. This strap has been slung around my neck while photographing and filming for six months in all kinds of weather conditions. It’s thick and durable, it holds it own in every way when compared to factory-issue straps that come with a DSLR, and it also looks and feels like a beautifully made accessory. (You can use it on more than just a DSLR—it can be used with other digital and film cameras, too.) There’s a small padded section of cushy leather on the length of the strap that touches your skin, making it so that it rests better and nothing’s digging in, even on long walks and hikes.

The craftsmanship speaks for itself; the folks over at Peartree are purists when it comes to their handmade leather goods. Though the strap doesn’t boast a 50-year sweat-wicking guarantee, I fully believe mine will stand the test of time while the material ages beautifully.



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