Maddie Joyce

Maddie Joyce

Illustrator/Mixed Medium

Maddie Joyce’s art is textured and fun. Its many layers pull you into the story that is snug within the frame. Her pieces also evoke your best childhood memories and make you want to create new ones. The kind that play slow-mo on sunny days. It makes sense – Maddie says on her website: “Drawing is a way for me to express my inner child without getting weird looks.” Here’s to never growing up.

In Maddie’s Words:

Living on the ocean has really inspired my artwork. [My boyfriend and I] take the boat out a lot and are super lucky to live near the Channel Islands. The islands are healthy and the wildlife is thriving. I always come back from these weekenders with countless ideas. I love to use watercolor because it really mimics the fluidity and colors of  both the ocean and the land. I combine it with collage because I feel like adding layers brings pieces to life. I love to use transparent paper. It can represent so many things, from a fog bank, a whale spout, rain and wood smoke. I have a lot of nudity in my pieces because nothing makes you feel more alive, more human and more connected than being naked.

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Artwork (C) 2015 Maddie Joyce

Find more of Maddie Joyce’s art on her Etsy Store and portfolio website.


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