Peak Design Slide Camera Strap

Peak Design Slide

Camera Strap

Review by Laura Hughes

Banner image by @Brie.Landia

It’s no secret: I love the outdoors and I love photography. That being said, as a DSLR user, I have often viewed camera straps as a necessary evil. It’s difficult to make the case that they’re not essential for adventure photography, but they are often a hassle on trails and make my camera feel heavier than it actually is by putting additional strain my my neck. And who wants to be straining to look up when in the middle of somewhere new and beautiful?


Photos right & left by Laura Hughes


Fortunately, Peak Design has a really great approach to the way we carry our cameras, whether on the road, in the woods, or around your neighborhood. I had the opportunity to try out their Slide strap recently, and there are a few things about this piece of gear that made me fall back in love with carrying my camera again:

The sturdy build: its industrial feel makes me comfortable taking it over rocks, water, and cliffs. I never feel like I’m going to suddenly lose my camera after getting ‘the’ shot, which means that I can take more calculated risks when looking for new perspectives (within reason, of course). Despite the durability to the material and hardware on this piece, I’ve never felt like using this strap means that I’m carrying extra weight. It’s like magic!

Photo of Laura with the Slide strap by @HatchFlash

Photo of Laura with the Slide strap by @HatchFlash

The flexibility: there is more than one way to carry your camera with this strap. You can opt to carry your camera around your neck or across your chest, which means that comfort and efficacy are both possible. I’ve always felt it more comfortable to carry my camera across my chest but never had a camera strap that took this into consideration until now. It’s been so much easier hiking with this design hugging me on the trails!

The sleek and simple design: if I do need to take my camera off the strap to adjust it or swap it with another strap, there’s no moment spared. The simple slide-and-click design means that I can keep going without a disruption to my creative process or any wildlife I might be trying to capture in my shots. After spending year of learning how to gracefully remove other straps via the smallest buckle I have ever seen, it almost feel like I’m cheating with this very user-friendly system.

Photo of the Slide strap by @HatchFlash

Photo of the Slide strap by @HatchFlash

After using the Slide strap, there’s no going back! Here’s to many more happy, simple days shooting.


Editor’s Note: Laura was given the Slide for free by Peak Design in order to review the camera strap. These are her true and unbiased thoughts on the strap. I actually have one as well (purchased) which I love! In addition, this review includes Amazon Affiliate links, which provide a small commission for She-Explores. Learn more here.

Where would you take the Slide?

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