Laura Preston

Laura Preston


Inspired by the experiences she has lived, the landscapes she has seen, and the roots of craft—Laura’s work tells a story. You can see it in her quilting, color choices, stitch work, and pattern design. It’s a story of adventure and travel, commitment and exploration, changing seasons and tradition.

Below gives us a look into her creative process—


In Laura’s Words:

“I started quilting about two years ago while I was traveling around the United States with my boyfriend in our Airstream trailer. My background is in painting and art history, so when we hit the road I decided to take my easel, oil paints and brushes along for the ride. Pretty sure I never once painted – ­ it just wasn’t compatible with life on the road [for me].

“I needed a creative outlet, but the finished product had to serve a purpose and be somewhat useful. So I taught myself how to quilt and fell completely in love with it.”



“After exploring the nooks and crannies of this incredibly huge and diverse country, I was so inspired by the color palettes of the landscape, the simple beauty of nature and the experience of traveling and having a different backyard every week. Most of my designs are based on traditional textile patterns ­ Native American rugs, Japanese sashiko stitching and classic American quilts. Designing and creating quilts fully satisfies my creativity, my desire to work with my hands and the importance of keeping the tradition of craft alive and fresh.”



All work (C) 2015 Laura Preston; Photos by John Elis


What traditional crafts do you see making a come back?

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