She: Behind the Lens

She: Behind The Lens

Film and words by Katie Kimball

She: Behind the Lens is a peek into the moments that led me to a life full of passion and a love for the outdoors. It wasn’t until a serious injury that I was challenged to open myself up and discover a new side of me: one that embraced the creativity I felt, but never explored. Once healed, and as I began to spend more time outdoors, I felt my creative inspiration and purpose in life reignite. I deeply searched for what is important to me, and who I am beyond what it was that I lost.


It is my deepest hope that She: Behind the Lens inspires women to begin the search for what they may feel is missing from their life, as well as embrace our deepest lows as an opportunity for a better life ahead. We have the chance to live a purposeful and passion­ filled life, so why not take advantage of the discovery of that?

Everyone’s story is different, but it only takes one for someone to empathize and embrace the hardships of what it is to be human. It only takes one to inspire them to discover their passions and purpose – to let them know that it’s ok to be frustrated when challenges feel too big to work through – to know that hardships pass, and you’ll wake up to remember the purpose of the beat of your heart.

Katie Kimball is passionate about storytelling through art. Her life events have inspired her escape to spending time outdoors, as she loves capturing those moments through both moving and still pictures.
She will be entering her last year at the University of Colorado Denver in the fall, currently pursuing a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree with an emphasis in Digital Design.

See more work via her portfolio, Instagram, and Vimeo.

How did you find your creativity?

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