Coco Chispa

Coco Chispa

PotterCoco Chispa Studio Portrait

Coco Chispa is a Potter based in Santa Cruz, California. She makes mugs, plates and bowls with hand painted and carved designs inspired by the diverse landscapes of California. From the Mojave desert to the Sierra peaks, to the Pacific ocean and yawning western sky, Coco Chispa is surrounded on all sides by inspiration.

We’re drawn to the way Coco’s vessels are both inspired by and made from the earth. There’s something deeply humble about earthenware, and it grounds us to grasp a textured clay handle and drink out of a desert landscape.

 Find out more, in Coco’s words.

It is an intimate art making someone’s favorite vessel. When you drink from a mug you love you begin to associate with it as an extension of yourself. A favorite mug can give you a chance to step out of your day, and remind you to slow down and take care of yourself.


This is a similar feeling to being stopped by the beauty of nature. When I witness an epic landscape it brings me to a halt. It forces me to step out of my life and reminds me that there is something bigger than me. It grounds me. My favorite mugs help remind me of the times I’ve lost myself in awe of the world around me.

All of my work is hand thrown, painted, carved, glazed and fired. Each step is affected by the always-changing weather of Santa Cruz. When its wet and cold the clay will take longer to dry and it can be a test of my patience. When it’s hot I’m racing to move forward so the clay doesn’t get to dry to carve or attach handles to mugs. Because of this my work is a product even more tied to the world around Santa Cruz and me the home I love.

Coco Chispa is an Santa Cruz, California based artist. Find more of her work on Instagram, and to inquire for purchase email

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