Episode 24 – Taking Shape: Making Outside Magazine’s Women’s Issue

Episode 24: Taking Shape: Making Outside Magazine’s Women’s Issue

Interview with Mary Turner and Hannah McCaughey

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We interview Outside Magazine’s deputy editor Mary Turner and art & photography director Hannah McCaughey about their women’s XX factor issue. It’s a special edition to celebrate the 40th anniversary of Outside Magazine, but it’s not the start or end of women’s content on Outside. We talk to Mary and Hannah about the changing shape of outdoor content and why the timing was right to “finally” make an all-women’s issue.


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Mary Turner (far L)
Hannah McCaughey (2nd from R)

Outside Magazine Women’s Issue

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Have you read the issue? What did you think?


  1. Megan Marolf says:

    Finally is right! I wrote an upset letter to the editor last fall about Outside’s blatant lack of female-centered stories and perspectives. I was pretty shocked that a seemingly progressive magazine was so male focused for so long. It had been two full years issue since the last time a women was on an Outside cover. They can’t make up for their ignorance of the female race, but the issue is well-rounded and full of perspectives from all kinds of women. I hope they keep it up.

  2. Megan Marolf says:

    It’s about time a women (or several!) made it to the cover of Outside. The discussion about women readers commenting on what the featured women were wearing was interesting. I think some of the criticism might not be from women judging other women, but wanting these adventurers, athletes, visionaries, or whoever else to be highlighted by what they do and how they contribute to and inspire others without any emphasis on their looks. And I do believe everyone behind the scenes did a wonderful job of dressing the women in what they feel most themselves in in this shoot.

  3. […] of the first episodes I listened to immediately drew me in, “Episode 25- Taking Shape: Making the Outside Magazine’s Women’s Issue.” This episode discussed the ways in which women- especially women of the outdoors- are portrayed […]

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