Episode 103: When Nature Calls, SheFly has the Answer

Episode 103 – When Nature Calls, SheFly has the Answer

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Shouldn’t it be easier for women to use the bathroom outside? Shouldn’t pants be made for female anatomy? The founders behind SheFly Apparel think so.  They’ve reinvented pants for us to wear on the trail and elsewhere.  Their vision for the future? That every pair of women’s pants includes a SheFly zipper. Meet two of the three co-founders, Bianca Gonzalez and Charlotte Massey.

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Featured in this episode: SheFly Apparel Co-foundersBianca Gonzalez and Charlotte Massey

Hosted by Gale Straub

Music is by Liam McNally. Music is also by Lee Rosevere, Health&Beauty, and Monplaisir using CC by A license

In this episode, you’ll hear:

  • About Bianca’s entrepreneurial philosophy, the acronym of which is appropriate: “PEE”
  • What SheFly Apparel is, and how it came to be
  • Why women need a solution for ‘answering nature’s call’ outdoors
  • Why the current position of a fly on pants is antiquated and fitting for male anatomy rather than female (and how it’s also pretty darn sexist)
  • The marketing challenges of spreading the word about a women’s specific product that helps you go to the bathroom outside
  • How the founders have balanced college and post-college life with founding a business
  • Why SheFly Apparel hopes to revolutionize the pa(n)triarchy and what they have in store for the future
  • The She Explores book & Tour

Resources mentioned in this episode:

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SheFly Apparel and Co-Founders Georgia Grace, Bianca, and Charlotte

Georgia Grace and Bianca in Vermont

Co-Founder Georgia Grace Edwards

Co-Founder Bianca Gonzalez

Co-Founder Charlotte Massey

SheFly Apparel prototype (back of pants)

SheFly hiking pants!

Charlotte answering nature’s call.

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