Episode 81: Venturing in the Mountains and in Business – Georgina Miranda

Episode 81: Venturing in the Mountains and in Business

Interview with Georgina Miranda

Banner image by Romain Levrault (L) and Kristina Frost (R)

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Georgina Miranda lives mindfully in business and while pursuing the Explorer Grand Slam: standing on the highest summits in each continent, as well as the North and South Pole. The founder of She Ventures and Move 30 Collective shares how years spent summiting the highest mountains in the world drove home her devotion to creating businesses and taking adventures that have a positive social impact on the world. While Georgina’s accomplishments are impressive, we’re most struck by her ability to learn and adapt with each one.

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Featuring: Georgina Miranda

Hosted by Gale Straub 

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In this episode, you’ll hear:

– What factors in Georgina’s upbringing lead her to pursue an impact-driven career focused around women’s rights
– How what you’re passionate about can find you vs. the other way around
– How Georgina started “choosing adventure” in her life in the form of indoor rock climbing and hiking
– Why she believes 30 minutes of activity and/or mindfulness each day has a positive impact on your life, and how She Ventures launched the Move 30 Collective to help people achieve that goal
– How goals like summiting Mount Everest are more achievable when you break them down into smaller steps
– How Georgina came up with the idea to hike the 7 summits to raise money for gender-based violence awareness and treatment
– The ways in which listening to her gut have helped her in mountaineering and running her companies
– How she’s become more comfortable with failure (on and off the mountain)
– Why it’s key to make your decisions at “base camp”
– The mission behind She Ventures and the special in-person events they put on

Georgina, in Work and Life

She Ventures event in San Francisco, photo by Kristina Frost

Mt. Elbrus, 1st of the 7 Summits. July 2008

Post Everest 2011 (first attempt) back at Base Camp

Top of Mt. Everest May 21, 2013

On Mt. Kilimanjaro; Photo by Romain Levrault

Life in Amsterdam, where Georgina spends half the year

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  1. Georgina Miranda says:

    Thank you so much for sharing my story Gale and for sharing the links of the non-profits doing amazing work! So great to work with you on this!

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