Special Podcast Announcement


Hi everyone – it’s Gale with a special announcement about the future of this show. 

But first, I hope you’ll indulge me for a brief recap of its past. 

It was six years ago that I first started developing She Explores as a podcast. I figured I’d pick up on the mechanics of how to do it over time, but initially, I couldn’t ignore the why: to help share the many ways we find ourselves outside. To have each episode serve as an exploration of not the trails we traverse or the waters we paddle through, but the people who are impacted by nature, and in turn impact it. And because this show is about people, mostly women, as much as it is about their relationships with the natural world – it’s been wildly important to share as many different perspectives as possible. And in over 200 episodes, I’m proud to say my small but mighty team and I have been able to work towards that: whether through a feature of mother on an expedition to the south pole, compilation episodes highlighting solo hikers, a two-part series on plus-sized winter gear, or passing the mic to cover experiences that are best served with hosts who have first-hand knowledge, like flyfishing, new motherhood, attending PGM ONE, or hunting. That said, our archive is not complete – nor could it ever be. 

Over the years, we’ve made it a priority to lead with curiosity with the hope that in listening, you will in turn show up with inquisitiveness in your own outdoor lives. 

I’ve learned, in making this show, that while there is always more to learn, more to discover, more stories to share – curiosity must be nurtured. It’s only a renewable source so long as we have the capacity to keep it piqued. And for anyone out there who has ever made a podcast, you know that it’s as fulfilling as it is a mountain of work. It can be a delicate balance to calibrate.

It’s for that reason that starting March 16 we’re shifting gears on this podcast away from a bi-weekly show. Instead, we’ll share episodes and special projects when the timing feels right rather than maintaining a rigid schedule. It’s not goodbye by any means, but a recalibration so we can continue to show up in a way that serves you all. 

With this our team has a lot of hopes: We hope that you’ll stick around here for what’s to come. We hope that you’ll continue to subscribe to our newsletter and strike up conversations in the She Explores podcast Facebook Group. We hope you’ll check our blog for essays, spotlights, and how-tos to keep you inspired by and connected to the more-than-human world. We hope you love all we have up our sleeves in 2022. 

On a personal note, I want to share that this decision is bittersweet. Making this podcast, I’ve lost track of the number of times I’ve found my voice, lost it, and found it again. But I have you all to thank for being here throughout. Thank you for growing with me and for challenging me and my team to continue to expand our horizons – in the outdoors and otherwise.

So what’s next? She Explores will be back on Wednesday with a new episode about caving and outdoor work. And then we’ll have another episode in mid-March featuring Steph Jagger talking about her new memoir, Everything Left to Remember. After that, the schedule will relax but we hope you’ll stick around for more. 

Ok, we’ll be back on Wednesday. And in the meantime, stay curious.

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  1. Pam Pence says:

    Hi Gale, I’m an Earth Advocate and I have reinvented myself many times in my career. A piece of that was a very active Cub Scout and Boy Scout leader with lots of hiking logged. I would like to talk with your community about alternative perspectives to pronatalism and pronatalism’s impact on our ecological overshoot (Bill Reese’s term). I’d also like to dive into increasing consciousness as a way to evolve Earth.

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