Episode 123: The Vulnerability of Putting Your Voice Out There – Sarah Shimazaki

Episode 123: The Vulnerability of Putting Your Voice Out There

Interview with Outside Voices Host Sarah Shimazaki

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How can you do what you love without losing yourself in the process? Putting your voice out there can be a very vulnerable thing: just take it from Outside Voices podcast host Sarah Shimazaki. We talk about the very real struggle of how to balance work, passion, and your own wellbeing.

The stories you tell, the podcasts you listen to – they say a lot about you. In this episode, we’ll learn about Sarah through her work on Outside Voices as well as how that work makes her feel. Sometimes she wants to pull herself apart from it (and sometimes that’s the healthiest thing) but what she chooses to focus on says a lot about what she cares about: that the outdoors belongs to all of us.

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Featured in this episode: Sarah Shimazaki

Featured in the Outside Voices Trailer: Ahjani Yepa, Olivia VanDamme, Adam Hymans, Evelyn Shimazaki and Bam Mendiola; Music by Olivia VanDamme.

Hosted by Gale Straub

Music is by Lee Rosevere, Kai Engel, Josh Woodward, and Meydän using CC by A license. 

In this episode, you’ll hear:

  • How Sarah started podcasting
  • Why the PGM ONE Summit spurred her to action
  • The need for a podcast that underlines that the outdoors belongs to all, not a select few
  • About the learning curve of podcasting and why Sarah asked for help vs. trying to do it all on her own
  • Why it can be hard to separate your sense of self from your work, especially if you love what you do
  • What ethical storytelling is and why Sarah wants it to be the norm vs. the anomaly
  • The boundaries that can be necessary if you want to keep doing meaningful work
  • Sarah’s vision for Outside Voices Podcast
  • Why joy, healing, and power are integral outputs of Sarah’s work

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Sarah Shimazaki

Photo of Sarah by Kevin Keller

Recording episode 3 of Outside Voices at Manzanar National Historic Site; Photo by Kevin Keller

Outside Voices Podcast; artwork by Brooklyn Bell

Alpenglow in the Eastern Sierra; Nüümü Territory; Photo by Noël Russell

Backpacking in Eastern Sierra; Nüümü Territory; Photo by Noël Russell

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