Episode 124: With Respect for Rolling Tundra – Ranger Sara Wolman

Episode 124: With Respect for Rolling Tundra

Interview with Interpretive Ranger Sara Wolman

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Sara Wolman is an interpretive park ranger for US Fish and Wildlife in King Salmon, Alaska. Find out how she’s building a career, fostering community, and raising a young child in the rolling tundra, and what you can do to help gather valuable scientific data to help tell the story of environmental change.

Sara reached out because every day, she’s confronted with a story that’s just not getting enough attention: marine mammal and bird die-offs on Bristol Bay – – and what it could mean for the rest of the world.

Banner Image courtesy of Sara Wolman

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Featured in this episode: Sara Wolman

Hosted by Gale Straub

Music is by Lee Rosevere, Kai Engel, Josh Woodward, and Meydän using CC by A license. 

In this episode, you’ll hear:

  • About how Sara fell in love with Alaska on a visit in college and knew she needed to return
  • Sara’s early career doing trail work in Alaska, Washington, and California
  • About working at Katmai National Park as a ranger, and a couple of tips for those looking to work at a federal agency
  • What a National Park conservancy or “friends of” group is
  • Her career evolution to working at US Fish and Wildlife as an interpretive ranger
  • About the marine species die-offs occuring on Bristol Bay and what they might say about the rest of the world
  • How we can help collect data for federal agencies and nonprofits that can help tell the story of environmental change
  • Tips for gaining a deeper appreciation fo the natural world when you’re spending time outsdie
  • What Sarah loves about living in King Salmon
  • How she’s built community living in the bush
  • Why we might need to devote a whole additional episode on women in the bush of Alaska

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Sara, Home in Alaska

photos courtesty of Sara Wolman

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