Episode 97: Work in Progress – RANGE Founder Jeanine Pesce

Episode 97 – Work in Progress

Interview with RANGE Founder Jeanine Pesce

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Meet Jeanine Pesce, creative connector and founder of RANGE, a creative agency and magazine inspired by the culture of the outdoor movement. We talk about how she’s carved out a place for herself in the outdoor industry. We also chat about the tenth issue of RANGE Mag, centered around the theme ‘Work in Progress.’ RANGE contributors Rocío, Hatie, and Emily share their perspectives on the theme and the unique stories about culture, product technology, and outdoor travel that they brought to the issue.

The interview with Jeanine took place at the RANGER Station at Outdoor Retailer Snow Show. Interviews with contributors over Skype.

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Featured in this episode: Jeanine Pesce, Rocío Villalobos, Hatie Parmeter, and Emily Hopcian

Hosted by Gale Straub

In this episode, you’ll hear:

  • Stories around the theme of ‘work in progress’
  • How Jeanine Pesce started RANGE, a creative agency and magazine inspired by the culture of the outdoor movement
  • Why Jeanine carved out a place for herself in the outdoor industry
  • Why Jeanine believes in sharing her media platform with others
  • How Rocío Villalobos sees herself as a work in progress and why it’s important for her story to reach more people, especially young women of color
  • Hatie Parmeter sharing a riveting story about new technology in outdoor gear
  • Why RANGE managing editor Emily Hopcian is passionate about writing international features
  • How Jeanine is working on finding more time for herself as a business owner and outdoor-lover
  • What’s next for RANGE in 2019

Resources mentioned in this episode:

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Gale and Jeanine; Photo by Jessica Hamel

RANGE Mag; photo by Jessica Hamel

Hatie’s article on Sam Lee

One of Emily’s article on female guides

Rocío’s essay

Photo by Jessica Hamel

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  1. […] RANGE Founder Jeanine Pesce celebrated her 30th OR show (30!) by recording a live podcast with She Explores’ Gale Straub discussing the past, present, and future of RANGE as a creative agency and magazine inspired by the modern outdoor movement. The duo also discuss the latest issue of RANGE Magazine, centered around the theme “Work in Progress.” Listen to the episode here. […]

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