Episode 94: Looking Forward in Our Outdoor Lives

Episode 94: Looking Forward in Our Outdoor Lives

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We put out a call for voice submissions, asking questions like: how will you bring what you’ve learned in the outdoors this year into 2019? Are you hoping to take up a new skill? Is there anyone you want to introduce to your outdoor life? Do you have any big trips planned? Or are you embracing resources closer to home?

The answers were a resounding yes, all around.

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Featuring:Marissa Priestap, Alisha M’Lot, Ruby and Jenni Goldman, Rhiannon Ball, Annabel Plush, Diandra Oliver, Jennifer, Meghan Young, Hailey Hirst, Kimberly Bradley, Katarina Mulec, Rachel Friedman, Kate Rafey, Rocio, Elisa Janson, Desiree Penner, Helen Wallis, Francesca Turauskis, Teresa Benitez, Greta Matos, and Christina Hickman

Hosted by Gale Straub 

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Music is by Jason Shaw, Lee Rosevere Kai Engel via freemusicarchive.org using a CC by A license

In this episode, you’ll hear:

– The question to ask yourself if you’re looking to spend more time outside in 2019
– Why bringing others (and pets!) out with you can be fulfilling
– How fat people are claiming space for themselves in the outdoor industry (and on Mount Kilimanjaro) in 2019
– How nature is healing, emotionally and physically
– Why when you’re recovering from an injury (and otherwise), adventure is relative
– How listeners are hoping to incorporate conservation advocacy into their recreation in 2019
– The specific goals and bucket we have on our minds
– Why big goals are great but small goals are valuable, too
– How it’s difficult to balance indoor and outdoor time when you work full time
– Gale’s hopes for 2019 (hint, they have to do with balance, too!)

Links/Resources Mentioned in this Episode:

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