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“Creature of the Sea”

In the coming weeks, we’ll be sharing a series of interviews with some incredible humans who are featured in Women and Watera new book from the team behind She Explores. We’ll take the conversation off the page and into their relationship with water today. And you’ll hear from swimmers, surfers, paddlers, fishers, and more. 

But today, we’re bringing you a special episode of Wild for Scotland, a show hosted by Kathi Kamleitner. It’s truly a piece of audio art, and it’s an ode to the wonder to be found beneath the water’s surface. She created it in collaboration with Fran Turauskis and musician Jen Austin.

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This episode is inspired by Kathi’s time on a snorkeling residency on the Argyll coast in Scotland. A snorkeling residency sounds like an absolute dream – and Kathi’s experience resulted in beautiful, poetic reflections. Kathi’s audio poem within, titled Hope, was also commended by the Climate Creatives Challenge

If you enjoy this listen, we know you’ll love Wild for Scotland. It’s a show that’s known for its immersive storytelling, and while this episode is no exception – it’s particularly artful in its execution. Wild for Scotland is a welcome escape for anyone, whether they’ve been to Scotland, plan to travel there one day or are just looking for a relaxing armchair adventure.

She Explores will be back next week with a brand new episode highlighting all things Women and Water.

Image of Kathi Kamleitner above by Markus Stitz

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Featured in this episode: Kathi Kamleitner

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Kathi at the Snorkeling Artist Residency at Argyll Hope Spot

Kathi Kamleitner – Photo by Markus Stitz

Seaweed at the Argyll Hope Spot – Photo by Kathi Kamleitner

Kathi Kamleitner – Photo by Markus Stitz


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